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Twin Arches
South Arch
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The South Arch of Twin Arches in the Twin Arches State Natural Area in Tennessee is one of my favorite arches, and for many reasons. When you approach it from the North Arch comprehending its size is misleading, but once you walk beyond it and look back at it (in the direction of the North Arch) you truly understand what you are looking at. It is massive. With a clearance of 70 ft high, a span of 75 ft, the deck of the arch is nearly 30 ft thick, one can't help to just stand there in awe. Another thing I love about this place is how many places there is to shoot. If there's ever been a made for camera arch, this one is it. Oh, and there's a place called the South Arch Tunnel too. For this shot I'm standing in it. I really doesn't get much more awesome than this when it come to natural formations and it was nice just to sit down among those roots on the left, feel the breeze pass by and just soak it all in!

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