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Twin Arches
South Arch
Twin Arches State Natural Area
Big South Fork National River And Recreation Area

Of the two arches in the Twin Arches State Natural Area in Tennessee the South Arch is my favorite of the two. Whether on purpose or inadvertently, the park system really set this trail up right where you see the impressive North Arch, then to see the South Arch you have to walk another 400 ft or so around the bend and boom there it is! With a clearance of 70 ft high and a span of 75 ft that's amazing in itself but the deck of the arch is 103 ft making for a massive and awe inspiring sight! To me the impressiveness of the scene doesn't really settle in until you walk to the south end of the arch. That's where the size of what is in front of you really settles in, and that's where this shot was from. I was really glad to take some friends to this place. It's always fun to watch people react to something the same way you did when you first laid eyes on it. Summing it all up into one word. Wow.

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