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Needle Arch
Big South National River And Recreation Area

I just got in this evening from a wonderful trip to Pickett State Park in Tennessee with my fiancee and good friends Vi And Dean Hopkins! Located very near the Kentucky boarder and also against the western boundary of the the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, we had rented a cabin there for the weekend, the biggest and one of the best state park cabins I've ever stayed in! Sunday morning Dean and I decided to make the hike to Slave Falls and Needle Arch in the Big South Fork. I had never been to the arch before and after only learning of it's existence only recently I had to go see this beauty! Though a gorgeous day, it was brutally cold especially in the hemlock groves and in the bottoms, but being bundled up in layers we were both plenty warm. In fact we were sweating under all that clothing. After swinging by Slave Falls we arrived at the arch, wow! Located along a short cliff line, at 35 feet long and 13 feet tall it is one of the more beautiful arches I've ever seen!
Though compositions were limited, it is easily in the top 10 most photogenic arches I've photographed and an all time favorite!

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