Tennessee Waterfalls - Fultz Fotos
Powderhorn Arch - 1

Bald River Falls - 2

Bald River Falls
Bald River
Bald River Gorge Wilderness
Cherokee National Forest
Monroe County

Although you could see that there was some serious spray following the river downstream at Bald River Falls near the Cherohala Skyway in southwestern Tennessee, it still had to try and get down there an see if I could pull off a shot. To my joy I discovered that the spray was getting whipped in different directions and there was a pattern to it so all I had to do was wait for an opening every few minutes. One gets a real sense of awe standing downstream from this 100 ft. monster as one gets to experience up close the power of nature.

Bald River FallsBald RiverBald River Gorge WildernessCherokee National ForestMonroe CountyTennesseeCherohala Skywaywaterfall