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Northrup Falls
Big Branch
Coditz Cove State Natural Area
Fentress County

On the weekend I took this photo Lisa and I ran down to Oneida, Tennessee for a quick overnight trip so I could attend the Big South Fork National River And Recreation Area Photography Contest Award Ceremony at the Bandy Creek Visitor Center. I had been notified I was a finalist and to my amazement I was awarded first place in Kentucky Landscapes for my photograph of Split Bow Arch. It was great to meet and chat with some nice folks who enjoyed both my photography page and the Kentucky Waterfalls, Arches and Landscapes group. Since Hurricane Harvey was making its way through the area, the following morning we made the 30 minute drive to the Coditz Cove State Natural Area for a hike to Northrup Falls. I have been to the falls twice, once in 2009 when I had just begun my interest in shooting waterfalls and the second time was in 2012 when it was completely dry. For years I've wanted to return to shoot Northrup because I didn't like those early shots I had taken of it. Upon our arrival on this latest trip we were greeted by a pack of super friendly pups, loaded with pup kisses, pup hugs and quite a bit of pee. I remembered the hike to not be very long and fairly easy. When we arrived to the confluence with the loop trail, with the pups in tow, I could see the falls in the gorge below and it was flowing perfectly. Though chilly, it was ultra humid. Beams of light were passing through the hemlock forest illuminating the morning mist. As we made our way into the gorge the trail became a bit more difficult and eventually the approach to the falls base the trail became far too difficult for Lisa to manage. I felt really bad because I wanted her to enjoy the beauty of the falls, but she insisted I go on without her, so I quickly made the scramble up the roots and the rock and made my way to the falls. As I walked behind the falls one of the pups ran down to the splash pool and laid down in it, tongue out and completely content. It was adorable. I didn't spend much time here, I didn't like her sitting there by herself, so I took a handful of compositions and quickly made my way back to her. I'm not sure if I'll ever get the chance to come back, the park is really out of the way when visiting the Big South Fork, but if I don't I'll now be satisfied with the shots I took.

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