Canaan Valley/Dolly Sods - Fultz Fotos
Sheng La Ra Bridge - 1

Douglas Falls - 1

Douglas Falls
North Fork Blackwater River
Blackwater Canyon Trail
Monongahela National Forest
West Virginia

I knew as the impending snow storm was about to bear down on us, that a visit to Douglas Falls was going to be a must the next day. So after visiting Elakala #1 and #2, we made the drive down to check it out, and it wasn't disappoining. The scene was one of the most beautiful I have ever laid eyes on as the firey rocks constrased with the fresh snow. I feel, as I'm sure that both Jason Haley and Randy Sanger feel, that it was a true blessing to have to had opportunity to explore here and all the other places we visited this day with a fresh blanket of snow on the ground.

The interesting color of the rocks in the riverbed was created by an acid wash when the waste water from a abandoned upstream acid mine drained into the river and the resulting corrective measures to treat it discolored them. The event, which happened approximately 10 years ago, killed all the wildlife that resided in the river. Only recently have wildlife returned, but only to drink the water, for now the river is still dead.

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