Canaan Valley/Dolly Sods - Fultz Fotos
Dunloup Creek - Little Brother

Elakala #2 - 4

Elakala Falls #2
Shay's Run
Blackwater Falls State Park
West Virginia

What a great feeling it was to revisit Elakala #2 returned to it's old glory in December! Located in West Virginia's Blackwater Falls State Park this is one of my all time favorite waterfalls (#2, #3 one or the other). If it looks cold, well it was more than cold, pretty brutal actually, but interestingly it was several degrees warmer here than it was up by the park lodge. Although beautiful, after spending nearly 4 hrs here, myself and the good friends the static brothers were faced with several challenges, with 6 of us descending on #2 it was a bit crowded as we waited turns to shoot the falls without disturbing the snow in the foreground, eventually we spread out between #3 and #1 which helped with the crowding. But then came the fighting with the accessories as tripod legs got frozen closed or open and batteries were getting zapped by the cold. The final challenge was to ourselves as the cold slowly penetrated our layers of cloths, freezing limbs toes and fingers as well as freezing up joints. It was no matter though, we had a great time and the reward was warming up at the lodge and enjoying a wonderful late lunch, some flipping great brisket I will add!

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