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Elakala Falls #1 - 1

Elakala Falls #1
Blackwater Falls State Park
Davis, West Virginia

Over the last weekend myself and my friend Jason had the opportunity to shoot with friend and fellow waterfall photographer Randy Sanger. Jason unfortunately took a spill earlier in the day so at Jason's request, Randy and I went to go shoot waterfalls off trail in Blackwater Falls State Park. Elakala Falls is one of my favorite falls to shoot, having been here on Halloween of last year with a much lower water flow, the falls has some deep personality. The hike down to the falls was somewhat on the treacherous side as there was still ice on that side of the canyon thanks to little sunlight to help the melting process. Massive icicles lined the wall above us. Nearby Randy said, "I'd sure hate to be underneath one of those icicles when they fall." And we began our trek back out when we heard a thunderous rumbling, we turned to look where one of the icicles had fallen right where we had been standing. Pretty messed up. We could have gotten out of the way, but it would have looked like a scene out of a movie.

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