Canaan Valley/Dolly Sods - Fultz Fotos
Babcock State Park - 1

Big Run #1 - 1

Big Run #1
Big Run
Monongahela National Forest
Tucker County
West Virginia

After spending a snowy, blustery morning of horizontal snow and 40 mph winds in 10 degree weather on top of Dolly Sods in West Virginia's Monongahela National Forest we decided to warm up and visit Big Run 40 miles to the west where there was little wind and it was 15 degrees. Also located in "The Mon", it takes a bit of precipitation to get this stream going and luckily we showed up in some awesome conditions, as it was still snowing and the water was flowing! This is the 3rd time I'd visited this waterfall and the first time there wasn't that much water on it, the second time I don't recall there being any at all and it was a sunny day, so to catch as I did last week with The Static Brothers, I was joyous to say the least! This is the first of 3 waterfalls in a short distance as the waterway makes it's journey to the North Fork of the Blackwater River. This being the first at about 10 or so feet tall, I haven't ever really paid any attention to the second falls but I've stood a top the third and it's a pretty good sized one, the only problem with that one it requires a bunch of rain to make it look good. Hopefully some day I'll be there in those conditions so I can take that one in. For now though, I'll be satisfied with the first in all it's glory!

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