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Beauty Mountain
New River Gorge National River
West Virginia

I've didn't realize it until recently when I was going through my archives for this website but I've been to Beauty Mountain umpteen times over the years and oddly I've only posted a few photographs from this gorgeous New River Gorge overlook. We joke about it a lot, that I am a sunset killer and far more often than not, a sunset won't pan out if I'm shooting it. There's been a lot of idle time waiting for "that moment" here.

On this most recent trip to West Virginia we rode in knowing we were going to make there in time for sunset and as we drove 64/77 after we passed through Charleston we began hitting several small storm cells. My good friend Bryan Janosick and I started getting pretty excited as, in most cases, late afternoon storms usually lead to a great sunset. We drove in rain until we made it to Fayetteville and as we crossed the New River Gorge Bridge the skies gave the impression that tonight we were in for a spectacle, and to top it off, there was fog over The New River. Once we reached the parking area for Beauty Mountain we hurried out to the cliff line and met up with our good friend Randy Sanger and his faithful four legged companion Rocky. As we had hoped, the fog had filled the gorge but after examining the horizon it became apparent it was going to be a cataract sunset. Even though we knew this wasn't going to be that epic event we had thought it might be we went ahead and shot anyway. Tonight is the first night I've actually looked at the photos from that evening, and I surely am and glad I did.

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