The New River Gorge - Fultz Fotos
Log Rock - 1

Beauty Mountain - 3

Beauty Mountain
New River Gorge National River
West Virginia

Here's another shot of sunset at West Virginia's Beauty Mountain in the New River Gorge. My good friend Bryan Janosick and I showed up late to this show after mulling around the upper waterfalls of Marr Branch close to sunset. We made a hurried b-line and we were expecting a show because as we crossed the New River Gorge Bridge the light was looking sweet. But as we made the 15 minute rush trip to the overlook parking it was becoming apparent that things weren't going to be what we had hoped. This is another one of those, "Oh, what can it hurt" shots as I had no hope of it turning out, but I was wrong. After just recently looking at this image for the first time I found I really liked the pastel light in the sky and the greens and blues in the gorge below. Beauty Mountain indeed!

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