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Brush Creek Falls - 1

Brush Creek Falls
Brush Creek
Brush Creek State Park
West Virginia

This past November myself and The Static Brothers stopped by here as some patchy cloud cover moved in. Oddly this shot almost didn't happen when everyone else from the group headed on down and I decided to catch a cat nap in the car with the windows down and Muddy Waters on the stereo. Well, 45 minutes later I woke up. What a bad idea that was. I felt terribly groggy but decided to get up anyway and hike the trail down to the falls. After wobbling nearly the whole way there (thank goodness for trekking poles) I finally made it to the base of the falls. Of course then the sun decided to pop out. If it had of been a full on cloudy day I'd of hung out in front of the falls for a while but I do love me some side falls so I rock hopped the creek and made my way up the other side. As the sun popped in and out I noticed that the water was mostly unaffected by the harsh light from this side angle and in fact I really liked the effect of that the sun was having on the surrounding landscape. Although some compositions I had been planning to try out were completely out of the question, I had some other ideas that seemed to work out fine. This turned out to be one of my favorites.

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