The New River Gorge - Fultz Fotos
Rattler Arch

Grandview - 4

New River Gorge
West Virginia

I'm not sure what it is about Grandview in West Virginia's New River Gorge, but I often have trouble getting that "sun rising over the horizon moment." Now don't get me wrong, I've gotten several images that I do like, all very different from norm. My latest trip was no different. Arriving around 5:20 am to the main overlook there was fog in the gorge and it was lifting up over the mountain to our opposite. We were hoping things would settle down but alas they did not. A short time before the sun rose I ran off a few shots as an afterthought just to capture the sea of clouds, then quickly the fog rose high above us and we were soon engulfed not being able to see 10 ft. from ourselves. Not long after we decided to head out, little did I realize that when I'd get home for fun I'd mess around with one of the shots I took and would eventually like the image. Hope you enjoy this cataract sunrise!

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