The New River Gorge - Fultz Fotos
Lower Falls On Glade Creek - 2

Grandview - 3

New River Gorge National River

You know, I just love West Virginia. It truly is Almost Heaven. And I just can't get enough of it. Every time I'm there I see the most beautiful things nature has to offer in unrelenting awesomeness. Take this scene for instance, as I drove down the road to Grandview in The New River Gorge I was watching a sunrise of epic proportions but as I pulled into the park it was clear that I was more than likely not going to be anything to shoot due to a thick fog. After standing at the Main Overlook disappointed and sad that I had arrived basically to shoot nothing, myself and good friend Jeff Burcher started to head back to the vehicles, but along the way we noticed there was something going on; an eerie light was cast upon the forest through the mist. For the next 20 minutes we shot the forest and the path and the benches, enjoying every second of it. It just goes to show you, that the cards you're always dealt aren't always what they seem, if you read between the lines.

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