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Big Branch #2

Big Branch #2
Big Branch
New River Gorge National River

For years now I've been riding past Big Branch on River Rd. with my good friend Randy Sanger on our way to Sandstone Falls in West Virginia's New River Gorge, and every time he mentions how I need to see the the falls on that creek, but the time of the year I visit it's always dry. The pictures I've seen of the many falls on this stream have been stunning so we planned a trip in the Spring. As luck would have it, it would be somewhat a dry spring with long periods of time between days of significant rainfall and again the low waterflow made visiting the falls not worth the time. However, on our last day of shooting it finally rained, just enough to get the falls flowing, so that evening we headed into the watershed. The canopy was amazing, it was very dark making for very long exposures and the falls were just gorgeous. This is Big Branch #2, it's not a very tall falls, but that doesn't matter, what it lacks in height it makes up for it in personality. I loved the moss covered rocks here. Sadly as the sun set I only had the time to visit 3 of the 5 falls on the creek, but mark my word, I'm watching the weather and if the opportunity presents itself I'm going to take a day and drive the 5 hours and spend some quality time in this side of paradise.

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