The New River Gorge - Fultz Fotos
Cascade Bridge - 1

Keeney's Creek - 2

Unnamed Falls
Keeney's Creek
New River Gorge National River
West Virginia

Back in June 2016 I found myself running around West Virginia's New River Gorge with my good friends the Static Brothers. After visiting nearby Babcock State Park we decided to drive to Keeney's Creek a gorgeous creek that follows along and crisscrosses along the road to the Nuttallburg historic site. As we made our way down the road a decent downpour had secured itself above us and when we arrived at our usual pull off spot it was still raining, so we all pulled in and apparently everyone fell asleep listening to the falling rain. I couldn't tell you how long we napped, but eventually I drug my groggy self out of the car and stood around trying to wake up, followed a short time later by the others as they began to pile out of their cars too. This small falls on Keeney's is one of my favorite falls to visit when I'm in The Gorge usually because there's lots of leafy swirls at the base of the falls, on this trip I was really looking forward to shooting in with the vibrant spring greens. Several of us descended upon the falls but eventually everyone had moved on leaving me the last one there. I was looking for some new perspectives of the falls and as I backed away I really began to take a liking to a wide photograph of the surrounding landscape. I spent several minutes here before exiting from the falls and walking down the road to where everyone else had gone, a waterfall named Accept Reality. Being I have a substantial fear of heights I decided not to accept the reality of making my way down the 100ft steep wet bank and I chose to wait above for everyone to return. Maybe some day when I loose a little weight I'll make my way down to the towering beauty but for now we're just going to have to enjoy my photos of the smaller beauty upstream.

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