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West Virginia Pulp And Paper Mill
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Cass West Virginia

This is all that remains of the symbol of the economic power that once drove the valley that surrounded Cass. Several timber outfits operated the West Virginia Pulp and Paper Mill since it was built during the early 1900's. "The mill operation was enormous during its heyday 1908 to 1922. It ran two 11-hour shifts six days per week...Massive elevators carried up to 5,000 feet of lumber to the separate floors and machines. Some of the flooring machines were so big that it took 15 men to operate them. There were two resaws here that could accommodate boards up to 35 feet long. The large surfacing machines finished all four sides of a board in one operation."* Being the victim of two fires, one in 1978 and the other in 1982, all that remains is twisted and decaying metal and the foundation of a once proud wood products production plant.

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