Hello and thank you for stopping my photography page! A life long Northern Kentucky resident, I was born and raised in Ft. Thomas and now reside in South Covington with my lovely wife Lisa, our rescue lab/beagle mix Maggie Mae, and our two kitty cats Simba and Poo.

My love for nature started many years before my love for photography. As a child and teenager my Dad and Mom would travel the country in their Lime Green Chevy Vega Hatchback with me in tow. By the age of 15 I had been to Arcadia, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks just to name a few. As being a teenager and a twenty something set in, my interests changed but my love for nature never really left. It was on the back burner as becoming a father and a husband took priority. When my 30's set in I was able to return my focus to nature and soon followed my passion for photography. Though reluctant to join the digital camera revolution eventually I gave in and so began a journey that I've not turned back from. Through trial and error I am a completely self taught photographer, my early interests, which would include long exposure nighttime photography, paved the groundwork for my true passion, waterfalls. I also enjoy photographing natural arches, sunrises/sunsets, citycapes, architecture, abandonment and flowers.

Today my primary focus is the state of Kentucky where I spend much of my time exploring in search of beautiful waterfalls, remote natural arches and gorgeous vistas. However it is not unusual to find me running around nearby states, especially my other favorite state of West Virginia as well as nearby Ohio. My award winning photography has been featured in numerous magazines and publications, locally, nationally and internationally, including an 8 page feature in the April 2015 issue of Kentucky Monthly Magazine, both the covers of the Capture Cincinnati 2009 and IV coffee table books, various Backpacker Magazines and Smoky Mountain Living Magazine. My work can also be found in numerous private and corporate collections. I am a juried Fine Art Photographer at the Kentucky Artisan Center in Berea, Kentucky and am recognized as a Kentucky waterfall expert and have featured several articles on the subject in numerous online publications. I am currently working on a waterfall book with my good friend Christopher Morris which will feature public waterfalls in both Kentucky and Ohio. The tentative date for the books availability will be Fall of 2020.

If you are a Facebook user, in 2012 I created the Kentucky Waterfalls, Arches and Landscapes Group. Initially the group was created as an outlet for my photography and for others to share their photos and discuss Kentucky Landforms. Over the years it has become much more than that. Now with over 26,000 members it has become a force in influencing outdoor recreation tourism, mindful outdoor behavior and even effecting the political process. Through the group I created Arch Awareness Month for the month of January to bring attention to the neglect and abuses that affect many of the natural bridges and arches that are throughout the state of Kentucky. My hope is to continue the project by working with the Daniel Boone National Forest Service to create an Adopt An Arch Program, similar to the Adopt A Highway Program.

So that about covers it for me! I hope you enjoy my work! If you are interested in purchasing please check out my Purchasing Prints and Licenses tab on my homepage! Also below is a link to the Kentucky Waterfalls, Arches and Landscapes Page. I encourage anyone who loves nature to join and become a part of a great outdoor community. Below are links to my social media pages, on Facebook, Flickr and Instagram. If you like what you see here, please give me a follow on one or all of those!

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