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Dick's Creek Falls
Dick's Creek
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Bartram National Recreation Trail
Chattahoochee National Forest

On my recent trip to Northern Georgia I visited several waterfalls for the first time. One of these was Dick Creek Falls and though the waterfall itself wasn’t the most incredible, the overall scene was a sensory overload! The trail to the falls is about .3 of a mile and I knew myself and my good friends The Static Brothers were in store for a real treat when I could hear the sound of falling water starting from about .2 miles away! Following a side trail from the Bartram National Recreation Trail when we reached the top of Dick Creek Falls little did I expect the scene that greeted us! Dick’s Creek Falls spills into the Chattooga National Wild And Scenic River and all that roar we heard from far away wasn’t just Dick’s Creek Falls, it was a river wide waterfall! I just stood here in awe. I could not believe it. Though this view was a real treat we made the decent down to river level and it was just a mind blowing scene. Dick’s Creek on the right, massive boulders to the right, looking downstream on one of the most beautiful river scenes I’ve laid eyes on, to the left the Dick’s Creek Ledge, the name given to the river waterfall by the kayakers/canoeists/ rafters! Just wow! There will be some photos of the lower section a little later. There was some adventure there as well. Oh, and the land on the other side of the river is South Carolina.

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