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Cane Creek Falls
Cane Creek
Camp Glisson Retreat Center

North Georgia is loaded with several privately owned waterfalls that are accessible to the public, you just gotta ask. One of these places we visited was Cane Creek Falls in the Camp Glisson Retreat Center which is part of the United Methodist Church’s North Georgia Conference. All we had to do was stop by the visitors center, ask about the falls and then drive a short distance to the falls parking lot near the base of the waterfall. When I shot the falls I was a bit worried about it being too blobby too, but after finally looking at my photos I think it it turned out fine. Several inches of rain had fallen a couple days before my arrival so many of the falls had more than enough water on them. This was another waterfall that I was able to wear out and get several perspectives of and though it’s got a big splash pool and open canopy it’s still a beauty in my book!

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