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Minnehaha Falls
Falls Run
Chattahoochee National Forest

Of all the falls I visited in northern Georgia the one I wish I had gotten more time to spend with was Minnehaha Falls. Upon our arrival to the falls trailhead, sunset was quickly approaching and though the hike to the waterfall was 0.2, I knew I needed to hurry, complicating matters I had been dealing with some sharp pain in my left knee over the last few weeks. Did I care? No. I fully ignored it, power hiking to the falls. Once I ascended up the final leg of the trail and got to see this beauty in all it’s glory I just stood there staring at it. Wow! At 55 ft tall, this cascading waterfall emerges from the rhododendrons above, then spreads out over the rock before resting in a shallow wide splash pool at the base! Once I got refocused I only got a few shots off before it got too dark to shoot. I know one thing for sure, I'll certainly be back for some quality time!

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