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Fern Bridge - 2

Apex Arch - 2

Apex Arch
Private Property
Christian County

Though covered in itty bitty baby ticks I wasn't about to head out from the desecrated Apex Arch without getting some photos of what I think is one of the more beautiful arches I've ever seen. The tragedy here is the senseless defacing of the surrounding sandstone and arch which was covered in layers of graffiti. Below the arch trash was everywhere (some of which I cloned out). I'll never understand what drives someone to do such things to something that is so unique, beautiful and ancient. Though saddening, I'm glad I got to visit here and though myself and The Static Brothers had 100's of tick on us, most the size of a pin head, I'm going to tell you, there's nothing more satisfying than driving to a Rite-Aid Pharmacy picking up a lint roller and seeing all those little jerks get stuck to the tape.

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