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Apex Arch - 2

Bolton Branch Arch East

Bolton Branch Twin Arches
East Arch
Cane Creek Wildlife Management Area
Daniel Boone National Forest
Laurel County

Another cool place that Chris and I visited on our arch overdose trip a few weeks ago were the Bolton Branch Arches. Located in the Cane Creek Wildlife Management Area of the Daniel Boone National Forest, Bolton Branch is actually a twin arch. Featured here is the East arch, which is much larger and far more photogenic of the two. I did take a photo of both arches in the same shot and eventually I'll share a photo of both arches.
Although it's been said that I'm just complaining into the echo chamber, this was another arch we visited which had some trash as well as a massive fire pit under it. I didn't keep count but I know that Chris and I destroyed numerous fire pits throughout our trip and it's pretty frustrating. Arches are fragile things. Sure they're made of rock but that rock is soft sandstone. The heat rising from a fire will blacken the sandstone and cause the rock to become fragile, damaging and weakening a rare natural landform that took eons for wind and rain to create. I would like to ask all of you, if you are out chasing arches and you come across a fire pit, destroy it, Throw the rocks far, disperse the ash and toss the logs too. If you find trash, pack out what you can. If you see someone is camping beneath an arch respectfully explain to them why the should not. And regardless of what anyone says I'm going to continue to preach on how we need to respect, not only our arches, but our waterfalls and our forests too. Together we can make a difference!

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