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Gray's Arch - 5 - RRG

Gray's Arch
Red River Gorge Geological Area
Daniel Boone National Forest

Photo captured after 18 inches of snow fell on The Red.

To me Grey's Arch is Kentucky's most scenic arch and this perspective here is the reason why as a trail of boulders lead up to it's base. An observation on this visit, I noticed that the sandstone above was illuminated by the light reflecting off the snow below, revealing colors in the recess and cliff I'd never seen before. I've been on the fence whether hiking in 18 inches of snow for a round trip of 5 miles was worth the trip, but the more I think about it the more I think it was. There was bit of physical pain and suffering endured after Chris and I left the arch thanks to all the snow we fought trying to get there. I doubt I'll ever attempt another hike in conditions like that ever again, but I'm glad to say that I visited one of Kentucky's most beautiful natural features after a major snow event where it had been unspoiled the presence of man.

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