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Red River Gorge

Over winter I took a trip down with a good friend and his youngsters to one of my favorite places on Earth, Red River Gorge. Or itinerary for the day had us going to the Grey's Arch near end of day, since the last time I was here I went early and direct sunlight made shooting the arch and it's rock house a difficult challenge. We had hiked to Ravens Rock and I was beyond wore out after that and was considering not even going to the arch but as we had a late lunch in the truck snow showers had left a light blanket of snow on the ground and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity.

The scene at Grey's Arch is truly one of the most spectacular scenes in Kentucky and in my opinion in the eastern US. A massive rock recess scattered with monstrous boulders stacked on top on one another leads to the arch that sits atop a ridge. In the middle of the recess is a 10 ft. tall crevice that runs almost 3/4ths of the recess and it offers some of the coolest views of the arch. The 1.2 mile hike for the most part is easy but the final .2 miles is more difficult as you drop down into a gorge by trekking nearly 100 steps, but it is well worth it and this place should be on everyone's list to visit sometime in their life.

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