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Daylight West Arch
Daniel Boone National Forest
Laurel County

Laurel County Kentucky is a mecca of awesomeness and it's loaded with arches and waterfalls! Of the 13 arches Chris and I visited a couple weekends ago only 3 were not located within the county boundaries. Located in the Daniel Boone National Forest along a forest road are the Daylight Arches, one East and one West and they are only about 30 ft. apart from one another. If you're not paying attention you could drive right past them. The ho-hum attitude I got from Chris about them as we made our approach my expectations were less than positive and from the roadside perspective it did seem that maybe his presentation might have been warranted, but then I walked around back. This is Daylight West Arch and I'm going to have to admit, I loved it. At 21 ft wide and 8 ft tall (thank you for the dims Mervin Wood), the color of the sandstone is gorgeous and the shape of the arch is just cool. There was a bit of disappointment here as well, as someone had blotched some neon pink paint on the underside of the arch. I'm not sure why someone would feel the desire to deface a landform that took eons to form but whomever did should be ashamed of themselves. Sadly I'm seeing a lot more of this happening to our arches and it's sad. God forbid I run across someone assaulting one. The outcome will not be good for the offender. Pink paint aside, this really is a pretty arch and I really am glad I got to spend some time with it! It's a beauty!

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