Cumberland Falls & Big South Fork - Fultz Fotos
Angels Windows - Right Window - 1

Sunrise Over The Cumberland River - 3

Cumberland River
From DuPont Lodge

My second Autumn trip of 2015 to Cumberland Falls featured some waterfalls and lots of arches and my good friend Christopher Morris, however my highlight of the trip was on Halloween morning. Staying in the DuPont Lodge at the State Park our original plan was to get up and run over to the overlook at Three Beavers, however when we awoke it was evident that clouds had moved in. Less motivated to make the run over to the overlook I decided to go up to the observation deck at the lodge which gives an awesome eastern view down the Cumberland River and see what was happening. When I stuck my head out the door to have a peep, far off in the distance there was a hint of red at the horizon, so I made a bee line to the car and grabbed our tripods. I dropped off Chris's at the room and told him what was up. He asked me to keep him posted if anything was happening and I headed back to the observation platform. Once outside it was clear in the short time I was gone that the area of illumination had increased in size and a few minutes later I texted Chris and told him he'd better get up here because he was going to miss something awesome. When he arrived the drama was just beginning and within 10 minutes the sky was ablaze with color, eventually peaking at this moment and then quickly disappearing. I'll have to admit, I've shot a lot of sunrises and this is probably been the most beautiful I've seen. What a great way to start off Halloween!

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