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Sunrise Over The Cumberland River - 4

Cumberland River
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After 4 straight weekends of visiting Red River Gorge in the Daniel Boone National Forest it was time for a change of scenery and to go spend some time at another one my favorite haunts, Cumberland Falls and the Big South Fork National Recreation Area in southern Kentucky. This trip I was joined by my wonderful other half Lisa and what a great time we had shooting the natural beauty and eclectic culture of the area. We started our first day of the trip wanting to capture sunrise and the plan was to shoot it from DuPont Lodge in Cumberland Falls State Park. Well, until a horde of young folks bombed the overlook area. Skies were clear but there was fog in the river gorge so hoped into the car and drove down the hill towards the falls. To our disappointment there was no sign of fog at the falls parking lot or Gatliff Bridge but just before the bridge I saw a road to the left that I had never drove up before with sign that pointed "Picnic Area." The fog was upstream so knowing we had nothing to loose we headed up the road to see how close we could get to it and after a short time it ended in a roundabout. Undiscouraged I looked around and saw a trail that followed the river, right towards our goal, so off we went. After walking about 300 ft, I found a side trail that dropped down riverside where a short distance upstream there it was . I hadn't realized it when we first began shooting from this angle but the sun rises directly over the river. As the sun rose, the colors of the fog changed with it but what really blew our minds was when the fog was just thin enough to allow a muted sun to shine through. Wow! What an unexpected scene and one that was all the more special because I was able to share the experience with my best friend!

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