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Moonshiners Arch (Whitley County) - 1

Moonshiners Arch
Daniel Boone National Forest
Whitley County

The first time I attempted to locate Moonshiners Arch was several years ago. Myself and good friend Chris Morris wandered around aimlessly through a Daniel Boone National Forest filled with briers near a large roadside pull off along KY 90 only to return to the car covered in scrapes and failure. A few weeks ago after blocked access to one arch and deciding against a challenging off trail hike to a cave, we made a second attempt based on some new information which put the pull off point about a mile closer to Cumberland Falls State Park. Years ago there was an official National Forest Trail to the arch, I had seen older maps with a trail leading to it. I've always found it pretty odd that the National Park Service would scrap a trail, but once we parked the car in the pull off and made our way from the road onto the trail it was quite obvious why it had abandoned it; an area to walk about 6 or so feet wide, a cliff wall to the left and a sheer 60 ft drop on the right. Even though my fear of heights kicked in pretty good, I pushed through even though there were a couple places that made me really uneasy. For the most part the .25 mile or so cliffside walk wasn't too bad. After crossing a large downed tree, the cliffs receded and the ridge sloped down into the holler, as did the faint trail. Not long after, we found the arch and goodness was it worth it! One of the things I liked about this one was the cool skylight in the middle of it!

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