Cumberland Falls & Big South Fork - Fultz Fotos
Carter Caves Natural Bridge - 1

Funston Arch Complex - 1

Funston Arch Complex aka Eagle Arch
Privately Owned

Myself and good friend Christopher Morris decided to head down to Cumberland Falls State Park on New Years Day 2017 to spend the night at the lodge New Years Day. There's something to be said about having a Hot Brown for dinner (the best in the Ky Park System I must add) and follow it up with a glass of Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon and reading The History Of Rock - 1972 while relaxing by the massive fireplace in the lodge lobby. That's pretty hard to beat!

That morning we headed out in search of a place called the Funston Arch Complex, a beautiful and secluded area that seriously is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. Featured here is just some of what we saw. For this shot I'm standing on an arch. To my right are two more arches and to my left out of sight is another arch. What is amazing about this place is a stream cascades down and flows beneath the arch you see across the way, then drops over two ledges into a splash pool shared by at 23 ft. tall waterfall. We spent several hours here and besides taking photographs we carried out a bunch of trash and destroyed 4 fire rings that folks had built under the arch and under the rock recesses. Outside of the residual human element, I had nature overload, that's for sure! Turns out this lovely place is on private land and due to this I'm not sharing the location, our hope is that maybe some day it will be accessible to the public because Chris and I both think it's worth National Forest protection! That's why we're planning on submitting some information about the arch complex to The Nature Conservancy to see if that could become a reality.

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