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Cumberland Falls
Cumberland River
Cumberland Falls State Park
McCreary/Whitley County, Kentucky

For years now I'd been wanting to see Kentucky's Cumberland Falls with a low flow, I've been to the falls 10 or so times in the last 5 years but every time was during a rain event when the other falls in the area had the perfect conditions and "The Big Falls" as I call it, was a big blobby mess. This year, I decided that I was going to travel to the area with different intentions in mind: view Cumberland Falls during a dry spell and peak fall foliage and not worry about anything else. To my amazement, not only did it work out, but it worked out better than I could have ever hoped. This view is from the Eagle Falls trail, what I consider one of Kentucky's prettiest hikes. Nicknamed "The Niagara Of The South" it's the highest volumed waterfall in the eastern United States south of the Niagara Falls, at 68 ft. high and 125 ft. wide you can see why. The falls also boasts one of only two predictable moonbow events in the world, where on a clear night during a full moon and the two days prior and two days afterwards, the light of the moon passes through the mist which creates an arch of white light. I tried shooting the moonbow too, a week later, and I'll just say I'm not going to post those photos. I've still got to work on that technique.

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