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Cumberland Falls
Cumberland River
Cumberland Falls State Park
McCreary and Whitley Counties, Kentucky

My trip to Cumberland Falls this past Autumn had one specific goal in mind, shoot Cumberland Falls. Earlier this year I was contacted by Kentucky Monthly Magazine wanting to do a feature on my waterfall photography and when selecting my photographs for the article I realized that I had only one photograph that I liked of this falls. In the past 6 years I had visited the falls during a dry spell only once, all the other times were during major rain events and my interest was in the many other waterfalls in the area. So, I decided to plan a trip that centered around the highest volumed waterfall in the Eastern US south of Niagara Falls. Nicknamed The Niagara Of The South, in my opinion it is the gem of the Kentucky State Park system, there are several easy traditional vantage points to view the falls but that doesn't necessarily mean it is easy to photograph. In fact I think it might be the hardest waterfall in the state to capture. Much of it has to do with the spray that is created by the falling water as a 125 ft wide curtain of water drops 68 ft into the river. There are a few other things that make it hard to shoot as well, the closer overlooks there's lots of garbage that accumulates on the boulders at the base and far way there is no foreground interest. Something new to me was this little window I found along the trail to the furthest overlooks, I had never seen it before and what really caught my eye was how the tree line along the river looked like it had been scaled back, perhaps the effects of the flood events from earlier this year. But after stopping and absorbing this scene before me I came to realize that I absolutely loved this perspective of the falls. In my opinion the second best vantage point of Kentucky's most impressive natural feature.

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