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Doe Run Lake
Kenton County Park
Covington, Kentucky

I'm glad that it's lakeside sunset season again! Yesterday evening after some storms pushed through with some heavy rain I could see from my back window that sunset had some serious potential. So I called my good friend Chris and asked him if he wanted to meet me up at Doe Run Lake a short distance from both our houses. Chris said he did and I told him I'd be up there shortly. I knew I had about 45 minutes till sunset and took Maggie out for a quick restroom break which turned out to be a big sniff fest instead of what needed to be done. Eventually the pup did her business and I was soon to discover how ill prepared I was for a running out the door for a quick set up. After finally getting my stuff together, getting out the door the sky was already aglow with a bright orange tint and to make matters worse I got stuck driving behind some leisurely UK fan. When I finally made it to the lake I could see Chris was already there and somewhere lakeside. The color in the clouds was really going now and even though it was steadily raining there was still a great reflection in the water. It didn't take me long to find Chris and he'd found the perfect perspective and to make things even better the lake still hadn't fully filled back up from it's winter draining so there was plenty of room to walk lakeside to find a spot capture one beautiful sunset.

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