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Copperas Creek Falls
Copperas Creek
Clifty Wilderness
Red River Gorge Geological Area
Daniel Boone National Forest

Back in the early spring of 2018 myself and good friend Nathan Schertler made a day trip journey to Kentucky’s Red River Gorge in the Daniel Boone National Forest. I hadn’t fully decided on where to go yet because it was a sunny day with no clouds. After stopping by the 1st stage Baby Arch, Underworld and the in-the-process Great Arch, we decided to make the hike back to Copperas Creek Falls. I had been to the falls two times in the past, 4 and 5 years ago, back when hardly anyone knew of the remote waterfall, so when Nathan and I started the trail I was surprised to see how things had changed. It had become a freeway. What once looked like nothing more than a deer path was now an easy to follow well worn trail. At first I was pretty concerned about making the 4 mile or so round trip hike, my knees had been bothering me badly all day and I started thinking to myself that I had made a mistake, but as the trail wore on my knees seemed to improve. I had never seen the water on the creek so high, there was no way to avoid getting the feet wet on this trek as there are at the least 10 creek crossings, some half way up the calf. I'll admit, half the fun is getting there as the hike is beautiful and really cleanses the soul. Upon our arrival this was the scene that had greeted us, I had planned the hike perfectly as the sun was just off to the right of the falls. The waterfall plunges 40 ft over a large rock recess into an emerald splash pool and though I'm sure these two rocks in the foreground had been moved there by a human, it made for a gorgeous scene. Damn, I could just live out here forever.

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