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Bolton Branch Arch East

Silvermine Arch

Slivermine Arch
Coomer Ridge Campground
Red River Gorge Geological Area
Daniel Boone National Forest

Finally got to go down and visit Kentucky's Red River Gorge recently after several months of being super busy, although I didn't get to spend a whole day down there it was still nice to get out to the mountains and visit some places I had not visited in quite some time. The first arch on our trip was Silvermine Arch. I had last visited this arch back in October 2010 and had been eager to do a return trip. Located on a trail in the Koomer Ridge Campground the 1.5 mile hike for the most part is fairly easy, the last 1/3 involving some steps and a moderate decent where the trail ends at the top of the arch. The first place I headed was to the base, which, after visiting several perspectives, turned out to be my favorite view. I love the ruggedness beneath and the contrasting color between the green boulders below and the orange sandstone above. I'm definitely looking forward to visiting again on a gloomy day during fall foliage season, that's for sure.

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