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Bell Falls

Bell Falls
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Red River Gorge Geological Area
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When I first began getting into waterfall photography one of the earliest waterfalls I shot was Bell Falls in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge. At time I was like “Oooooo, waterfall” and I got some mediocre shots of the falls that at the time I loved. That was the only time I had ever shot that waterfall until a couple weekends ago. Myself and good friend Nathan Schertler made the trip down to The Gorge to check out some new things and some old things. There had been a lot of precipitation over the last couple weeks so the Red River was up and water was falling roadside everywhere. As we passed Bell Falls it was the best I’d ever seen it, but there was direct sunlight shining into the little grotto it flows through so I thought it would be a good idea to return later. After making the trek to the waterfall on Copperas Creek there was still about a ½ an hour of light when we got back to the car, hopped in and made a b-line to Bell Falls. By now the sun was off the falls and it had gotten pretty dark in there. I got off a handful of comps before calling it quits since I was getting into 50 second exposures and light was becoming scarce. I really wish we had arrived about 20 minutes earlier, not only did I have some other ideas to shoot the main falls but I wanted to visit Upper Bell Falls which I had never been to and it isn’t far upstream. Nonetheless I got a couple of the main falls I did like, I just hope it doesn’t take another 10 years for the opportunity to stop by here after a major rain event.

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