Red River Gorge - Fultz Fotos
Huling Arch - 1

Rock Bridge - 1

Rock Bridge
Swift Camp Creek
Clifty Wilderness
Daniel Boone National Forest
Wolfe County

In December 2019 myself and my good friend Leo Combs headed out for a day of photography. Though it was supposed to snow heavily in the southern part of the state, I was getting reports is was pouring rain and there was no way I was going to try and learn a new camera in the rain. So Leo and I decided to hit the Red River Gorge. He had never been before so to make things easy on myself and him we decided to do the touristy tour of Red River Gorge. Our first stop of the day was the Rock Bridge Trail in the Clifty Wilderness. For years now I've never really liked any shots I've taken of Rock Bridge, but when Leo and I arrived I saw a sand bar had formed in Swift Camp Creek on the side I've never had the opportunity to shoot. Though it was icing and I had no idea what I was really doing with the camera I think I came away with my favorite shot I've ever taken of this unique landform!

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