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Yahoo Falls #1

Yahoo Falls
Big South Fork National Recreation Area

Yahoo Falls located in the Kentucky section of the Big South Fork National Recreation Area is often touted a Kentucky's tallest waterfall at 113 ft. but myself and several others disagree with that claim. Nonetheless, not only is it a really cool waterfall but it is also has a massively awesome sandstone recess that rivals Ash Cave in Ohio's Hocking Hills State Park. The watershed is small and it takes quite a bit of water to get it really going, but even if there isn't much flow the recess makes up for it as on one side massive boulders litter the "cave" floor and the other side is smooth, it is truly a sight to behold. On this trip I was hoping for that epic event after a night of heavy rain and storms but alas, it didn't reach such great heights. That was OK though, it was enough for me to walk away finally getting to see the potential I knew this waterfall has always had.

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