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Black Balsam Sunset

Black Balsam Knob
Sawtooth Wilderness
Blue Ridge Parkway

I've visited the Blue Ridge Parkway umpteen times over the last several years and one place I've never paid a lick of attention to is Black Balsam Knob. Boy, have I been missing out. At the suggestion of Flickr friend Tim Williams, myself and good friends, Randy Sanger, Karl Hassel, Todd Williams and Jeremy Chapman made the .5 mile 400 ft elevation gain hike up for sunset. Well, some of us did, myself, Randy and Karl chose to stay a little under halfway from the top where there were some cool exposed rocks. Sunset itself was very cool to watch but just didn't have the impact I was expecting. After several minutes it was beginning to look like post sunset was going to be a dud too, but in the final minutes a last blast of light colored the sky and then quickly it was gone.

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