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Waterfall On Rockhouse Creek

Last time I was in North Carolina's Pisgah National Forest and visited Log Hollow Branch it was raining and I remember as we drove up Forest Road 475 B aka Headwater Rd there were waterfalls visible all over the place, across the ravine and down in the roadside creek so on this latest trip when we left Log Hollow I had my passenger and good friend Karl Hassel hang his head out the window and see what he could see. We saw one waterfall through the trees across the ravine but it didn't look like it was too friendly of a scramble to get to. Further down the road however it was a completely different story, as down in the creek we saw another waterfall, one that we could possibly get to and after a quick inspection we saw a fairly easy trail that led down to it. There wasn't much room for us to park roadside, and I should have taken a photograph of how close the tires were to the edge of a 40 ft drop off, but we squeezed in and headed on down. Once we made our way to the falls it was quite obvious it was worth the trip as it offered numerous perspectives to shoot, this one being my favorite. At the time I had no idea if the waterfall had a name or not, I imagined not, I was just going to call it the falls on whatever creek it's on, turns out after I picked up a regional waterfall map it was called the Falls On Rockhouse Creek which sounded good to me

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