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Graveyard Fields Sunset

Graveyard Fields
Milepost 418
Blue Ridge Parkway
North Carolina

Have you ever been like, "Oh yeah, we're going to have a flipping awesome sunset tonight" and it completely goes awry and you get absolutely nothing when the real show is about to start? Well, it happens more often than not to me, and in this case when we set up to shoot sunset a couple weeks ago from the Graveyard Fields parking lot along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina we got gypped, sorta. After shooting the 2nd Falls on Yellowstone Creek we made our way back up to the parking lot, it was storming over the mountain across the Blue Ridge Parkway but over the fields it looked quite apparent that we were in store for a show and we set up along the southwest end of the lot. At first there was some color and I took a few shots, but do you see those black clouds in the upper left hand corner of the photograph? Well, you wouldn't believe it, but they moved in from the south, quite quickly I might add, completely obscuring the colorful scene beginning to happen. Although this was pretty frustrating I was hoping that some of the pre-black cloud invasion shots turned out good. Although it wasn't what I was looking for, I did get something I liked.

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