Purchasing - Fultz Fotos

Hi!  My name is Bill Fultz and thank you for your interest in purchasing a Fultz Foto! Please read below on ordering information.

The following print sizes are available for purchase during this time:

8 X 10's  -  $15 each

11 x 14's - $30 each

16 x 20's - $50 each

30 X 24's - $80 each

+ $6 shipping and handling for each order.  

I am now offering canvas wraps! Though traditional sizes are available, the sizes listed below are at the true aspect ratio of the photograph to retain the artistic integrity of the image.

9 x 12 - $60 each

12 x 16 - $80 each

15 x 20 - $115 each

18 x 24 - $150 each

21 x 28 - $250 each

24 x 32 - $350 each

+ $15 shipping for the first canvas add $5 for each additional canvas.

Image licensing is also available.  Price varies based on purchaser needs.  All licenses are non-exclusive and non-transferable and require a signed license agreement.

When ordering a print, inquire about licensing information,  or if you want to request a print size not offered above, please contact me at slakejustice@yahoo.com and with the name or names of the print(s) you are interested in purchasing. I accept payment through Paypal or check by mail.

Thank you!