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In March 2017 I got the opportunity to visit Nashville Tennessee and for the most part it was a fantastic time! We watched Cincinnati's own Buffalo Wabs And The Price Hill Hustle do a live set at The Station Inn, had the best biscuits evah at The Nashville Biscuit House, had fantastic chicken and french fries from Hattie B's, drove around to a few record stores and ran into an old friend from Ft. Meyer's, Fla! Friday Lisa and I drove out to Rock Island State Park and I severely misjudged the backroads of Middle Tennessee. Having assumed there'd be cool rustic roadside stuff to photograph on the way to the park I couldn't have been more wrong. It turns out our route was just 4 lane highway and boring as boring could be, nothing cool to photograph at all which made for one extremely bored fiancée. For several years now I've been wanting to visit Twin Falls at Rock Island and boy it didn't disappoint! Towering at 80 ft tall, the falls emerges from a series of caves in the limestone from the dammed up Collins River 1000 ft through the hillside opposite the falls, making it man made. Man made or not, it's an impressive sight and I'm glad I finally got to visit this place and I would live to visit it with some fall color someday that's for sure!

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