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Mantle Rock

Beauty Mountain - 1

Beauty Mountain
New River Gorge National River
West Virginia

It's always fun to end your day with good friends and what better a place to do that than Beauty Mountain for a New River Gorge sunset! Lined up along the cliff side waiting for the last show of the day, we enjoyed a few laughs and tried not to crowd one another too much. It took me a while to settle in, the spot I chose had a tree that had fallen and was completely disrupting the foreground, more so that I had first anticipated. By the looks of the situation I felt I could push the tree off the rock in a crack between two boulders out of sight, however after breaking off some decent sized limbs and tossing them over the cliff (which gave me some concerned looks) it became pretty evident that I wasn't going to effect the position of that tree at all. So, I just hopped up on the rock next to me, settled in and enjoyed the show. Although it was pretty blustery, so far this is my favorite sunset I've got to witness here.

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