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Cool Springs Park

Old Model-A Truck
Cool Springs Park
US 50, Rowlesburg, West Virginia

I drove past this incredible roadside attraction last fall on the way home from The Rally To Restore Sanity in Washington D.C. and didn't stop, the second time I drove past I did. Located along US 50 near Rowlesburg as you pass you can't believe your eyes. A small field nestled between two mountains featuring a metallic garden loaded with turn of the century farm equipment, old railroad cars and decaying Model-T's. Called Cool Springs it was established in 1929, the roadside establishment is a dinosaur of an age before interstates ruled the roadways when weary travelers needed a rest from the twists and turns of the road as it crosses the mountains or to replenish their fuel reserves before heading on. Featuring a diner right in the middle of the shopping area, it boasts souvenirs from every state, dry goods and everything the fisherman or camper would need. If you're ever on US 50 this is a must stop because you've never seen anything like it. Watch out for the geese though, they attack and Jason who had fallen twice on this trip and could barely walk ended up being chased by them and it was hysterical.

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